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Unable on Windows 7 to connet to shared folder via UNC path

Few days ago I have come across a really strange problem. On a Windows 7 workstation (but the same problem can occur on Windows Vista), it was impossible to connect to any shared folder via UNC path. Although the error message suggested that it was a problem linked to name resolution, in reality the workstation was perfectly able to solve the FQDN, or NetBIOS name of each server. The same problem presented itself even if I used instead of the machine name, its IP address. Very strange …

Error Message

Error Message 0x800704CF

After a quick search on google I finally found a solution to the strange problem, reading the various posts in the Microsoft forum. The problem seems related to the presence of an abnormal number of network devices (such network devices there are not on my laptop with Windows 7). Opening the Device Manager and highlight the hidden devices (open View and then select Show Hidden Device), appeared about two hundred network cards calls Microsoft Device 6to4:

Microsoft Device 6to4

Microsoft Device 6to4

To solve the strange problem was simply delete all the network adapters called Microsoft Device 6to4. If you do not want to risk the carpal tunnel, I suggest you to use the Microsoft program called devcon.exe, that allows to run on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 the operations that usually take place with the Device Manager from the command line. For example, to delete all network adapters called Microsoft Device 6to4 you could use the command : devcon remove *6to4MP*

Instead to see all devices on your system, just use the command: devcon status *

Devcon.exe command does not work very well on workstations with Windows Vista/7  64bits. In these cases, it is not rare remove all network adapters Microsoft Device 6to4 by hand!

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